How To Prepare For Your Engagement Photoshoot

The stretch of time between when she says “Yes” and you say “I do” is special. That’s why it’s important to step away from the craziness of wedding planning to truly enjoy your engagement. One way to do this is with an engagement photoshoot.

If you’ve booked your appointment for an engagement photoshoot, here are some ways you should prepare:

Coordinate your outfits    

Your clothing will help set the mood and style of the portrait. In that respect, you need to make sure that both you and your significant other are on the same page as to what you’re wearing. Your clothing should be similar in style (that is, your partner shouldn’t show up in a tux while you’re in jeans and a sweater) and your colors should complement one another.

Wear comfortable clothes

An important part in deciding what to wear is making sure it’s comfortable. You will be moving around quite a bit for your photoshoot, and if you’re uncomfortable throughout your shoot you won’t be able to put on your best face. Instead, wear an outfit that’s stylish, but easy to move around in, such as jeans and a nice shirt. If you do want some photos with fancier clothing, then you can always bring a change of clothes for you to get into temporarily.

Scope out locations ahead of time

Most engagement photoshoots are not done in a studio, so choose the setting wisely. Think about who you are as a couple and then try to pick a few locations that represent that (for example, if you’re both outdoorsy, consider having your photoshoot on a hiking trail or at a park). Once you have a handful of possible locations, visit them and take a few photos to better determine which location is right for you.

Be active

If you want to add some wistful flair to your photos, consider doing an activity throughout your shoot. In other words, instead of just sitting and staring at the camera, let the photographer capture you in the moment of something. You can be biking, hiking, or participating in any other activity that both you and your partner enjoy.

Get your hair and makeup done the day of

We’re sure you’re excellent at taking care of your own hair and makeup, but sometimes it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Things look different in photographs, so your everyday hair and makeup just won’t cut it. As such, make an appointment to get your hair and makeup done just before your photoshoot to prevent any mishaps.

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