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5 Tips for Choosing Your Next Photographer

Choosing a photographer likely feels like an overwhelming task. There are sooo many options these days! I’m going to give you “insider advice” to help you navigate the process of choosing a photographer. You’ve probably already guessed this, but the big not-so-secret is this: not all photography services are equal! 

1. Choose a photographer who you ~vibe~ with, and who is active and engaged with you

Sometimes, being in front of the camera can feel a tad bit unnatural. (I know lots of dads out there are nodding in agreement!) I’ve spent time on both ends of the camera, and I completely understand and relate. That is why it is so important to be with a photographer who you feel comfortable with. They will help you relax, loosen up, maybe even laugh a little. And that will definitely show in your photos! 

And of course, definitely choose a photographer who is active on social media and engaged with your inquiries. You should get a good sense of their personality from their social media. Hopefully they will respond promptly with kindness and enthusiasm to your inquiry and all your pre-shoot consultations. That way, you know you’ll be in great hands on the day of your photoshoot!

2. Make sure you like their style!  

All photographers have a unique style. Some photographers produce light and airy, soft images. Some photographers have super-saturated, high definition images with an external flash. Some photographers shoot exclusively in a studio. Some photographers have dark, deep and evocative portraits.  Make sure you thoroughly review your photographer’s portfolio, and you like his/her style before you book them. You don’t want any surprises when you receive your finished gallery! 

3. Prioritize the investment, not the price. 

Yes, I’m aware that someone in your local Moms Group knows someone who only charges $10 for a family session and it includes 5 hours of coverage, 600 photos, a free backrub, and a pony. But my question to you is this: are the photos really worth it? Yes, you can pay extremely low prices when hiring especially a new (inexperienced) photographer. But are you going to get photos that you LOVE?

When choosing a photographer, don’t just price shop. Which photographer has a gallery that takes your breath away, and offers a better quality and standard of retouching? Which photographer has a proven track record (with verifiable reviews) of reliability? And which photographer is going to provide a full portrait experience, complete with printed art consultation? The key takeaway is this: compare photographers on more than price. A lower price doesn’t mean you’re getting a better deal.

4.   Quality is more important than quantity.

When I was a brand new photographer, I would give out 2-3 times the amount of photos I currently present to my clients. When I look back through these old galleries, I cringe so hard!! Those image galleries are HUGE, yes—but they are filled with duplicates, blurry images, awkward half-smiles, and weird compositions. I thought I was doing my clients a favor by giving them dozens and dozens of photographs, but the opposite was true! No one wants to look at 75+ awkward, duplicated, or blurry photos of themselves! (I certainly don’t.)

I would rather give my clients 25 amazing photos, than 80 mediocre ones. In fact, there are numerous high-end newborn photographers that charge literally thousands, for just a few digital images…but they work hard to produce truly beautiful, stunning, jaw-dropping images, even if the gallery is very small! Remember the old adage of quality over quantity! More photos do not mean better photos. 

5.   A good photographer plays by the rules. 

This may surprise you, but I believe that a good photographer has guidelines in place and written expectations. It actually protects YOU, the client, when these structures are in place. I once heard from a friend who said, “I haven’t heard from our photographer in months! I’m starting to wonder if I’ll EVER get my photos back…” No one ever wants to be in this position! A good photographer has clearly defined policies and procedures, and will abide by these guidelines in serving you.

It might seem strange to sign a Photo Agreement Form for “snapping some photos” but in this circumstance, it protects you! Without one, your verbal agreement is undefined. It protects both parties by clarifying everything clearly in writing, and clear policies mean all clients are receiving the same caliber experience from the photographer. A good photographer has a sound, proven business model and well-practiced procedures, making the process smooth and predictable for you!

When choosing a photographer, it’s important to find one who can meet all your needs and vision, so you’ll be happy with your experience! We want to help you in your search by defining what we are am not. Temple House is not fast or casual. We don’t do snapshots, or 10 minute mini-sessions, or over-the-top themes and props that are popular today and passé tomorrow. I believe you deserve more.

Our style is rich, emotive, and authentic: you, and your loved ones, snuggling and laughing and being real humans together. There is something effortlessly timeless and genuine about these moments.

Afterwards, we won’t just let you figure out the complexities of printing wall art on your own (What size? What resolution? What does DPI even mean?)

Instead, I will give you beautiful, finished artwork that is ready to display and enjoy in your home with your family. Guaranteed to last for generations, and guaranteed to make your heart sing every time you see it.

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