What Clothes To Wear


When doing portrait photography, it is often a common concern for people to be worried on what to wear during the session. Though may seem a trivial matter, what clothes you wear during portrait photography can impact significantly as the photos come out. If one wants to have the best looking yet most natural portraits.

Be comfortable

comfortable clothes will ensure you don’t make a big fuss when your camera starts clicking; therefore, wear the most comfortable yet presentable clothes during the shoot. If you are content and happy with what you wear, then huge chances that you have stunning images.

The clothes you wear in your portrait tell who you are

As much as people condemn the idea of judging a person with clothes they wear, it is common reaction for viewer to say something basing on what the subject in the portrait is wearing. The outward appearance talks first, and it is difficult to correct that since all the viewer can see in the portrait is still image.

So, by wearing your best comfortable clothing will help a lot in coming up with a portrait that communicates your most physical and inner likeness. Also you can opt to wear clothes that show your funny side or wear one that demonstrates your serious side.

Plain, Unobtrusive Dark Clothes

Plain or dark clothes can be a good choice for portrait photography. This is not only because dark and plain clothes tend to make the person wearing them look slimmer but they allow the focus to be on the image of the person’s face. This is important in a portrait photograph; after all, you would want the viewer to see the facial expression and reaction first before the other entire details in the portrait.

Unobtrusive plain clothes just have good effects on the totality and background of the portrait as they allow the focus to be directed on the subject itself; therefore, easily demonstrating the true character likeness of the person.

This cannot be easily achieved with clothes that have crazy patterns, wild and bright colors, dots, lines, and overly elaborate designs as they can draw the focus out the primary subject consequently defeating the true purpose of portrait photography. Of course, you have to consider the complexion of the subject. Nevertheless, you will find plain colors that will suit each kind of complexion.

Pants, Long Sleeves, and Collars

For men, collars are a great detail that their clothes must have. Collars are amazingly a way to frame the face up which can be flattering when captured in a portrait. Also, long sleeves are much preferred than short sleeves, as pants are then shorts. The less exposure of skin, legs and arms in that case, takes away the distraction which can actually be negative for portrait photography. We welcome your comments below and please follow us , like and share this on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from the links on this page

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