Equipment Knowledge and how to use a camera

Equipment Knowledge and How to Use a Camera

State of the Art Equipment

Temple house Photography has the equipment to satisfy your photographic needs. We have the knowledge on how to expertly use a camera. We own up to date, professional quality cameras as well as a backup cameras and lights in case of failure. (I shoot with Nikon) Also we use lighting equipment, lighting stands and grips, andlight modifiers to help modify light.  Since I am running a business, I want to be prepared for all scenarios so I am never letting my clients down. Not only does that require me to have the tools for the job (and back-up!). But the knowledge of how to use it. To my knowledge, no camera or light has ever gotten together and produced a portrait session on their own .

On-Location Studio Sessions

We are an on-location and studio photographer. This meaning that we go to our clients wherever they are. Locations typically include their home or another outdoor location. That has personal meaning. My session locations are all different. Temple House has professional equipment that allows us to navigate all types of conditions and scenarios — dimly lit spaces, really bright or harshly lit areas, etc.  We choose not to get caught up too much with the type of equipment we use. But I have invested thousands and thousands of dollars into it and feel as though it is integral for me to be able to fulfill my clients’ many different needs.

Why Hire Us

By hiring me and my team  we have the necessary equipment to be able to provide you with the quality you expect, as well as give you confidence in knowing we come prepared on the day of your session. I’m not saying that every photo session has to involve a ton of equipment (many of mine don’t), but there is tremendous value in having gear available when it’s appropriate.  We will bring the right equipment to get the job done. we are knowledgeable on the proper use of Cameras and lighting equipment. Contact us for additional information. To continue with the rest of this series follow this link, Why You Need to Hire a Pro. Please feel free to provide feedback in the comments below, and follow us , like and share this on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from the links provided on this page. 

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