Vision, Artistry and Guidance

I believe there to be extreme value in being on the receiving end of an artist’s vision. Each member of the Temple House Photography team is unique, each one brings something different to the table. As the leader of that team Ken Temple brings their unique vision and artistry to each portrait session.

Part of hiring a professional is about taking advantage of being able to see how they “see.” Ken Temple and his team has spent 20 Years as a professional and even longer than that training his eye to “see.” Seeing in still frames is very different than seeing in motion or looking around the room with a the room with clear vision.  True professionals have trained their artistic eye to see and capture images creatively — to frame images with thoughtful and intentional consideration of composition, line, color, design, contrast, lighting, etc. They know when to press the shutter at just the right moment. This resulting in something very special that beautifully represents you and your loved ones.

Our clients deserve and expect to be thoughtfully guided through this experience before, during, and after their session. It is our job, as professionals, to advise our clients whether something is working well from an imagery standpoint. We have to know what we can do to make it work, as well as guide them toward different poses, actions, and activities resulting in the most stunning imagery. To continue with the rest of this series follow this link, Why You Need to Hire a Pro. Please feel free to provide feedback in the comments below, and follow us , like and share this on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from the links provided on this page.  

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